Choose an investment firm that serves your deepest values and interests

Every product and service that we offer is shaped by our commitment to investor service.

We work with institutions and financial professionals

CEG is a leading investment firm. We connect regional investors with global asset managers and projects that match their values.

Our focus is raising capital for various asset classes - including equity, fixed income, real estate, private equity, and debt financing, alternative funds, and hedge funds.

We use our global network, in-depth industry knowledge, and teams of experienced financial professionals to carefully select unique investment products that offer a positive economic impact and sustainable long-term returns for our investors and partners.

Our values are what define us

Each decision that our firm takes is guided by four leading principles.

Be transparent

We share information openly, broadly, and deliberately. Sharing our mistakes is just as important as sharing our wins.

Be all-in

Our clients always come first.Our clients success is our success

Deliver results

Our focus is on performance driven results.
It’s our individual responsibility to predict, measure, and manage the risk associated with our products each day.

Do What’s Right

What is right is not the same as what is easy.We always represent our capabilities honestly.We never misrepresent our purposes in investment.

Our services are tailored to both our investors & partners

We carefully select unique investment products that offer sustainable return opportunities to our investors and match their values.

Investors enjoy access to exclusive projects

Access high-quality projects that are selected to match your investment preferences, risk tolerance, and jurisdictional focus.

Invest with CEG, and you will gain exclusive access to innovative investment projects spearheaded by leading origination teams, co-developers, and family offices in markets around the world.

Companies get to drive their business forwards

Partner with CEG to raise capital for your investment products. Use our extensive network of relationships with elite investors, paired with our premium services for structuring and marketing financial products.

Our services include:

  • Providing bespoke fund and securitization services for global investment managers - including fund placement, capital raising, and promotion services.

  • Building a gateway to qualified investors in the Europe, MENA, and APAC region.

  • Offering services to represent, promote, and distribute funds, including UCITS, Alternative Investment Funds, Qualified Investor Funds, REITs, Private Equity, and Hedge Funds.

CEG offers in-depth industry knowledge and teams of experienced financial professionals

Our firm is built around investor experience

Each shift in our strategy, services, and range of products has been guided by the interests of our investors and partners.

Discover how you have influenced our firm’s journey.

Founding a global investment firm

Capital Evolution Groupe was founded by a team of fund professionals, former bankers, and real estate professionals in November 2014.

Initially, the firm’s focus was on fund distribution for high-net-worth individuals.

Serving a wider range of clients

Our investment firm sought to establish a competitive advantage and offer our clients a wider range of services, early on.

We secured bigger projects, expanded into real estate and securitization, offered bigger coupon and ticket sizes, and increasingly served institutions and family offices.

Positioning CEG as a global investment firm

Our new CEO Patrick Oerer has a track record for delivering results. He co-founded and grew Emirates Wealth while serving as its CEO, and has a track record for delivering results for funds and investment banks across Dubai, Istanbul, and Zurich.

Patrick leads a new management team with a fresh focus on marketing, investor relations, and corporate communications, to serve our investors with accurate project updates and drive a results-led approach.

Our new global brand - CEG - was crystalized with a shift to a new headquarters in Dubai (an international financial hub that is well positioned between the European, APAC, and MENA regions).

CEG investors can now diversify their portfolio, with an expanded range of products - including sports and entertainment, technology, and investment funds in the alternative space.

We continue to serve high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and institutional investors - now, and into the future.

Investing in your future

Our mission is to position CEG as a leading global investment firm by offering a world-class investor service.

  • We embrace new technologies.
    Our team is developing an investment platform that will set new standards in investor service and enable our clients to discover and subscribe to new projects, with high-quality information at their fingertips.

  • We are results-driven.
    CEG leads with a transparent approach to investment; offering high-quality case studies that detail the results we deliver to our investors.

  • We are an active investor.
    Great leaders lead from the front. We only offer investment projects that our firm believes in. And we prove that by investing in them alongside you, on the same terms.